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Terms and Conditions




Shipping Times:

  • Pre-made, in-stock items will ship 1-3 business days from date of purchase.

  • Custom orders will ship within 10-14 business from date of purchase.


Package Care and Item Information:

  • In the summer, it is your responsibility to have someone available to retrieve your package so it does not sit outside in the heat.  Leaving packages outside WILL cause adverse reactions with products, including melting of whipped soaps/scrubs, bubble bars, wax, or body butter, pre-activation or softening of bath bombs. Given this information, it is also not advised to leave your products or packages inside of a vehicle. This summer, we will have ice packs available for purchase to combat the heat issues but it is still no guarantee if left outside or in a car.

  • We make our products with ONLY the best quality ingredients.

    • All fragrances are skin safe and free of parabens, phthalates, & formaldehyde.

    • Our biodegradable glitters are seaweed and algae based.

    • All products are handmade, so please understand our products may have subtle color variations between batches.

    • All of our products are made with, and may come in contact with, any of the following oils: Sunflower, Sweet Almond, Coconut and others. PLEASE be conscious of your tub possibly being slippery when exiting. Rinse your tub after use of any bath product! Krystal Bath Essentials is not responsible for injuries related to misuse of products or not following instructions.

    • Not all bath bombs float. Some will and some won't depending on weight, size, shape, or the recipe used for the bath bomb. I do my best to pack bath bombs tightly so they do not crack or crumble. Please remember that they are not duds if they don't float!

    • If activated charcoal is listed on the ingredients, it may leave deposits behind. Activated charcoal does NOT stain and can easily be wiped away. Activated charcoal is also amazing for the skin!

    •  If any colorant is left behind, it has clung to existing oils or soap scum or has attached inside cracks or scratches of your tub. For best results, use in a freshly cleaned tub and always rinse your tub/yourself after use.

    • IMPORTANT: KBE is not responsible for damages/staining to bath tubs outside of the home such as hotels. Many hotels use a wax coating on their tubs that DOES stain regardless of any safe guards and you WILL be charged a clean up fee if this happens. This fee is the users responsibility! FOR IN HOME USE ONLY!

  • If pregnant or nursing, please consult with your doctor before using any bath product or wax. All of our products are not intended for anyone under the age of 3. Do NOT use on animals!!

  • Our wax is made with a custom blend of parasoy wax. This wax is mainly soy and requires around 3-5 days cure time. By the time the wax gets to you, it will be cured but some customers prefer a longer cure time.

    • We use a plate warmer to test each and every wax. This is our preference based off of research. If you have a different warmer, it may not work as well as intended. Please make sure not to have your warmer near windows that may cause a draft. Do not put your warmer up on a shelf where it can be knocked over. Make sure that your warmer is clean and free of cracks or damage.

    • To clean your warmer, you can use whatever method works best for you. We turn our warmer off and let it cool for approximately 15 minutes. Then we remove the top portion and carefully pour the used wax into the trash. Lastly we wipe the plate warmer with a paper towel or cotton ball. Some people prefer the cotton ball method. This is where you add 3-5 cotton balls (depending on the amount of wax) to the warmer plate. Once the wax soaks into the cotton balls, you throw them away and use another cotton ball to remove any excess wax/mica. If your warmer is stained, you can use a Magic Eraser to clean it. Make sure it is completely clean and dry before use! If there is any water in the warmer, the wax may bubble and pop which can cause injury.

We now offer Afterpay as a payment option! Afterpay is a free service that allows you to make an order and make payments instead of paying the entire balance up front. You get your products within the stated turn around time. Your total is split into 4 equal payments. These payments are due every two weeks. This is a fee/interest free service as long as payments are made on time. Please refer to their website for more information (Please note: This service is based on their approval. Any Afterpay questions or issues will need to be directed to them!) 

If you have any questions, please contact us through email, Instagram, or our Facebook page! We want you to love the products you ordered!!

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